Alan Page

Trimble High School - USA

“The Talent Factory is something I believe in. It’s easy to use and very applicable. Focusing more on the foundations has been a huge game-changer for me as a player.”

Patrik Walk

DBS Èanna – First Division Ireland

“Being a pro athlete most of my career, I was glad meeting Robin when I came to Germany. I finally found someone who cares about me as a player and a person. He truly enjoys your success but won’t sugarcoat anything. And thats what you need to improve!

His approach to the game is unique and he is indeed precise when it comes to the little things in Basketball.”


Jannis von Seckendorff

Team Bonn/Rhöndorf - NBBL

“Training with Robin is different from conventional team training or individual training in a club. And I think that’s where the secret lies. You get different perspectives on situations and elements of the game that are incredibly helpful and easy to implement. It is exactly what I need to take the next step. “


Alexander Wehrmann

BG Köln - Bezirksliga

“The name says it all – with his eye for detail, Robin helped me take my game to a new level. I recommended it to everyone on my team, because at all times I had the feeling that I wasn’t doing a run-of-the-mill program, but rather it was tailored to me.”

Josh Martin

Penn St.-Harrisburg - NCAA DIII

“Although I have never met Robin in person, because he is located at the other side of the world I trust him deeply, because he helped me improve my shooting tremendously. I went from 28% from 3pt Line to now shooting 39% in my second college year.”