Around the world, we know there are basketballplayers who are dedicated to improving their craft and are willing to work very hard to do so. Our Talent Factory is our way to support the grind and help with smart, efficient and proven programs to build certain areas of your game.


The AttentionToDetail Talent Factory features workouts, plans and programs that will definitely help you evaluate your game. However, to earn the right to name us an factory we decided to go even deeper into the details and produce the best Basketballplayers out of it. Besides the plans, programs and the incorporate drills you will receive lessons and a lot of learning opportunites within the factory. You can attend courses and conduct quizzes to see how far you have improved in your skill and knowledge.


Scroll through and find your programs….Let’s get started.


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Advanced Ballhandling

Coming soon

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Ballhandling 101

Coming soon

To master the Art of Ballhandling, just like any other skill to master you need solid fundamentals. In this course we want to give...