As a player Robin played in Germany’s highest youth leagues until he was 18 years old and has kept playing competitive basketball ever since while focusing on his business degree and other professions. 

The love for Basketball never vanished and besides playing, Robin started to get interested in coaching the game he loves.

Robin launched AttentionToDetail in 2016, one year after a frustrating Headcoach stint with a local team. Reason for his frustration was the simple fact he couldnt dedicate enough time and detail to every single player in his own skilldevelopment. 


We are commited to helping Baketballplayers reach and re-invent their full potential on and off the basketballcourt. We want to help every player who loves and respects the game as much as we do worldwide. In order to help players elevate their game our approaches are as unique as players are. From in-person development and monitoring, to online content, programs and consultations we are not only trying to help, but to teach the game of basketball as whole with the support of our own talent factory

The goal of our talent factory is defined by name itself: We want to produce and develop the best talents in the world.